The General Assembly
The deciding body of LABIP is the General Assembly (GA). The GA is held once a year, generally linked to an interesting scientific meeting. All members are invited and at the meeting the Annual and Financial reports are approved, the annual membership fee is determined and all proposals of the Steering Group or any of the members, that need approval, are discussed.

The Steering Group
LABIP is managed by a Steering Group (SG), appointed by the GA. The SG is bound by decissions taken by the GA. The SG provides the Annual and Financial reports and organizes the meeting of the GA. The SG meets twice a year. It has the complete competence to act on behalf of LABIP and decide on operations for LABIP, unless such operations are the only responsibility of the GA

At the moment the Steering Group consists of:
Esben Laulund (Chr. Hansen)               Chairman

Aat Ledeboer                                        Secretary

Arjen Nauta (FrieslandCampina)          Treasurer

Jean-Philippe Obert (IFF)

Stéphane Duboux (Nestlé)

Jean-Michel Faurie (Danone)

Sophie Legrain-Raspaud (Gnosis by Lesaffre)

Bruno Pot (Yakult)

LABIP Secretariat
Dr. A.M. Ledeboer
Kralingse Plaslaan 52B
3061 BA Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-10-4188997
Mobile: +31-6-50547327