LABIP has been participating in several EU-sponsored research projects, either as Industrial Platform, full partner (Specific Support Action “GutImpact”) or as associated partner (Marie Curie Initial Training Network “CrossTalk”).

LABIP as full partner in the SSA GutImpact

As full partner in the SSA GutImpact, LABIP has organized from 2005 until 2008 3 technical expert workshops and 3 consumer related workshops, at which also consumer representatives were present.

The technical workshops were entitled:

  • Technological aspects of making live, probiotic containing, gut health foods (Amsterdam, June 2006
  • Investigating the crosstalk between the gut microbiota and the host: the gut-brain axis (Warsaw, April 2007)
  • Gut health: Predictive biomarkers for preventive medicine and development of functional foods (Bucharest, February 2008)

The consumer workshops were entitled:

  • Probiotics – The consumer perspective (Rome, September 2005)
  • Responsible exploitation of scientific data on pro- and prebiotics for consumer health (Talinn, September 2006)
  • Gut health beneficial claims from a legislative perspective (Rome, June 2007)

Of all workshops, consensus reports were written and disseminated, while several were also published in scientific journals. All reports are found below.

Lahteenmaki, L. and Ledeboer, A.M. (2006) Food Sci. & Technol. Bulletin 3, 47-50

Ledeboer, A.M. and Lahteenmaki, L. (2007) Food Sci & Technol. Bulletin 4, 43-49

Key publication: Ledeboer, A.M., Nauta, A., Sikkema, J., Laulund, E., Niederberger, P. & Sybesma, W. (2007) European Dairy Magazine 4, 31-32

LABIP as Associated Partner in the ITN CrossTalk

LABIP also was an associated partner in the ITN CROSS-TALK from 2008 untill 2012 with the aim to ensure that the opportunities for a career in industry were covered during the training. LABIP has taken take care that the fellows have realistic career perspectives in industry, have their first work experience in industry, develop a clear vision on the EU industry and are able to create their personal network in EU industry. It has done this by:

  • Organizing Network Spring Schools aimed to develop the awareness on industrial research and IPR, develop skills for job application and get insight in different career opportunities in industry.
  • Offering the fellows a 6-month secondment at one of the LABIP member companies during the ITN project. Application and interview for such secondments are part of the training
  • Circulating job offers of LABIP members during and 3 years following the project
  • Coaching all fellows personally to strengthen contact with industry
  • Providing at the Workshop Scientific programs 2 prizes for the best presentations

All these activities will lead to a strong interaction of the fellows with EU industrial research and open up the opportunities for careers at industry for the fellows while at the same time deliver highly motivated candidates for research jobs in industry.