LABIP Activities at LAB13

LAB13 was, due to Corona, postponed from 2020 till 2021 and finally was held as a virtual symposium from August 23 till 25. Even though the LAB community could not really meet, great presentations were listened to by over 300 participants, among several from LABIP member companies. Due to the restricted time frame, it was unfortunately not possible to have the traditional LABIP Thematic Session, but there was a timeslot on the last day where the LABIP Chairman Esben Laulund could present the awards for the Mid-Career Senior Scientist and for the 3 best posters.

The prize of 2500€ for the Mid-Career Senior Scientist has been given to Prof. Rodolphe Barrangou from the North Carolina State University. He has, among others, done research on the role of CRISPR in the defence of S. thermophilus against bacteriophages, has already a large number of publications and patents in this area, supervised several PhD students and is editor in chief of the CRISPR Journal. The LABIP Steering Group considers his research to be fully in line with the criteria of “Outstanding Excellence in Lactic Acid Bacteria with an Industrial Relevance”.

Using the same criteria also 3 posters have been selected out of 170 posters for the poster awards of 500€ each. These poster prizes were given to:

Marie Schöpping, Chr. Hansen A/S and Chalmers University of Technology, Denmark: “Why are you stressed? A systems-level comparison of two Bifidobacterium strains with different stability characteristics”

Eunice Van Pelt-KleinJan, Systems Biology Lab, AIMMS, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands: “Proteome constraints shape Lactococcus lactis’ metabolic behaviour”Ludwig Lundberg, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Molecular Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden: ‘’Multifunctional membrane vesicles produced by Limosilactobacillus reuteri and their potential link to relief of infantile colic”